Last week marked a significant milestone for the Isaac region with the successful launch of the Isaac Business Chamber. This event represents a new chapter in our region’s economic narrative, promising to shape a prosperous future for local Isaac businesses.

The new chamber will serve as a vital platform for nearly 2,000 local businesses, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. It aims to amplify their voices, advocate for their interests, and provide essential resources and support.

The establishment of the Isaac Business Chamber has been heavily supported by the Local Buying Foundation. LBF has been instrumental in funding the Bridging the Business (BTB) project, particularly through the dedicated efforts of Leann Priestley in her LBF-funded role. Over the past four years, Leann’s work in the Isaac Business Support position, in partnership with GW3, has laid the groundwork for this new chamber.

The insights gained through the BTB project highlighted the need for a dedicated body to support local businesses. The Isaac Business Chamber will address this need, offering ongoing support and advocacy to ensure the long-term success of our business community. Chambers of commerce are crucial for the sustainable growth of business communities. They provide a unified voice for businesses and play a pivotal role in economic development, helping businesses thrive and adapt in an ever-changing economic landscape.

LBF’s commitment to fostering economic growth and sustainability in the Isaac region is evident through its substantial investment in grassroots initiatives like the BTB project. This investment has not only supported the development of the chamber but also ensured that the business community has a unified voice and robust support system.

GW3’s Isaac Business Support Officer, Leann Priestley, commented, “The Chamber has been meticulously planned and developed with the unwavering commitment of Greater Whitsunday Alliance and the Local Buying Foundation. They have served as driving forces behind the Chamber’s establishment, providing a solid framework and strategic vision. With the establishment of the Chamber, we have turned a new page in the region’s economic future.”

The LBF encourages all local businesses in the Isaac region to become members of the new chamber. Membership offers numerous benefits, including access to resources, networking opportunities, and a stronger voice in advocating for business interests.

Join us in building a vibrant and sustainable business community by signing up for membership