The Greater Whitsunday region is embracing a sustainable future through the Decarbonisation Accelerated Project, proudly funded by the Local Buying Foundation (LBF). This initiative, a partnership between Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3) and the Resources Centre of Excellence (RCOE), is fostering a regional economic transformation by encouraging businesses and industries to embark on their decarbonisation journeys.

Decarbonisation Accelerated is paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future and is taking a regional economic approach to encourage businesses and industries to start their decarbonisation journey. By supporting this project, the Local Buying Foundation is providing more than just financial support; it’s a testament to the stakeholders’ collective commitment to building sustainable business communities for the future.

Since its launch, the project has made significant impact through strong resourcing, marketing strategies, establishing key partnerships and collaborations through stakeholder engagement, and the establishment of a Leader’s Group and Terms of Reference. Fourteen partners have been engaged, securing new investments to support decarbonisation and diversification initiatives. Over 70 stakeholder groups have been briefed on regional priorities, influencing the workstreams of three regional entities and ensuring coordinated activities.

The project has increased carbon reduction awareness and education through key activities and events, engaging 400+ attendees and 40+ local businesses. A high-level framework for a regional carbon reduction scheme has been developed, and a database of decarbonisation technologies within the local METS sector has been created, with events like the XR Pitch in Brisbane and ZeroIN showcase in Mackay connecting businesses to the decarbonisation technology network.

In May the Greater Whitsunday Alliance and the Resources Centre of Excellence hosted the region’s first ever Decarbonisation Summit, to help local businesses understand their role in carbon reduction. The Summit was a pivotal event for this project, driving local action with global impact, bringing together thought leaders, industry experts, and innovative minds to delve into the transformative potential of decarbonisation. Keynote speakers included international trend specialist Michael McQueen and sustainable development expert Cle-Anne Gabriel, who provided strategies for businesses to begin their net-zero journeys.

LBF Project Officer, Michelle Osborne commented, “The Decarbonisation Accelerated Summit went above and beyond my expectations. From the captivating atmosphere geared towards inspiring participants about a cleaner, greener future to the exceptional quality of content and speakers, every aspect of the event was remarkable. The summit empowered us to embrace our regions as the epicentre for the initiatives that will drive us towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. Leaving the summit, I felt hopeful for our region, equipped with a clear pathway towards 2050 and beyond to tackle decarbonisation.”

The Decarbonisation Accelerated Project and the awareness the Summit has brought, is set to transform the Greater Whitsunday region. With continued support from the LBF, GW3, and RCOE, the region is on track to secure long-term prosperity through sustainable practices.

As Kylie Porter, CEO of GW3, aptly stated, “Our vision is by 2025, the Greater Whitsunday region, through reducing carbon output, will have continued to diversify its economic base to ensure long-term economic prosperity.”

For more information, view the Decarbonisation Accelerated website here: